Why maintenance and service is so important?

If you want to continue to run a highly profitable business, you must have access to a continuous power supply.

Power outages have a massive impact on business continuity.  It can lead to damaged perishable stock, reduced footfall, inability to process payments or communicate with customers and significant log jams for your distribution networks, just to name a few.

This means that if you don’t have a suitable maintenance or service package to rely on, you stand to lose tens of thousands of pounds.  That’s not to mention the damage that can be done to your equipment, software, data, and your reputation.

Coverage provides peace of mind, helps ensure optimal performance, prevents issues from arising and helps fix any problems stress-free.

Here is our quick guide as to why a service and maintenance package is so important for your business.

Reduced downtime

When you are covered by a comprehensive maintenance or service package, you know that you can get any issues fixed quickly and efficiently by a trained expert.

Depending on the terms of your bespoke package, this can usually be completed within 4 hours.  This enables you to get back on your feet faster and allows your business to keep running as it should.  Without a service agreement in place, there’s no guarantee of how long it will take.

Complete peace of mind

You won’t need to feel stressed about keeping your data safe, worry about suffering unexpected downtime, or damaging your software or hardware when you have both solid reliable products and a service and maintenance plan in place.

Nor will you have to worry about a short-term reduction in revenue or sustaining damage to your brand image.  You and your customers will know that they can rely on your service without interruptions and you can continue to deliver what you’re best at.

Prevention rather than cure

Regular, in-depth servicing helps to identify potential problems and allows them to be repaired quickly and effectively.

Here at Constant Power Services, we include two service visits per year, a full written report and service schedule within 48 hours of completion and any recommendations with all of our service packages.  Our technicians with access to remote stock hubs across the UK can respond quickly.

Better for your budget

There’s no need to worry about expensive repairs when you are covered by a service or maintenance place.  Depending on your annual commitment, we can include parts and labor, multiple annual service visits and speedy response in your package.

Get in touch

If your business can’t afford downtime and having a fast and efficient repair response is important to you, consider investing in one of our maintenance and service packages.  We have options to suit every requirement and budget and can create a bespoke service option for you if required.  Contact our Technical team now on 0330 1230125 or alternatively via email at service@constantpowerservices.com

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