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Our dedicated projects team have a wealth of experience and knowledge in UPS and Generator installations and will play a huge part in the understanding of your requirements, and ensure they are fulfilled.

Having the technical knowledge to deliver for your customers is absolutely vital in our industry, but this doesn’t mean you can afford to neglect the importance of strong project management skills.

This is one of the unsung strengths of our business because quite simply; we really care about what we do.

We believe that if you can find a way to get this part of the process right it’ll be the difference maker to ensure your projects run super smooth – and as end customers we know this never goes unnoticed.

Delivering expertise and support

Our specialist project management team – based in our head office in Hertfordshire – boasts an abundance of experience both in the power industry and beyond.

In line with our approach across the business, we have adopted a bespoke style to project
management as well. This helps us to be super flexible and agile so that we always deliver.

We have a few key principles to project management which help to make our customer experience gold standard:

  • Involved from the very start. It’s common practice for us to loop our projects team in as soon as we can. This is often as soon as we get an enquiry. This means that when projects move to the sales process and then onto delivery, they’re already well up to speed and ready to take control
  • Size doesn’t matter. As the old cliché goes, there’s no job too big or too small for us. While we are well versed in delivering solutions for some of the biggest sites across Europe, we equally never change our process and eye for detail when working on a much smaller scale. We never scrimp on the quality of our work
  • An automated ordering process. We take a unique approach to quoting for projects and transferring these into live jobs. The online system we use for this part of the process negates the need for any human interaction. It’s all completely automated, meaning human error cannot occur and it results in a very happy customer
  • What matters to you. Working with us is done on your terms. No matter what, we will always use our experience to give you the best advice. What is important to us is that a project is set up and delivered in line with exactly what our customers need and want. We do things how you want us to do it and not in a way which makes it easiest for us

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