Factory Acceptance Testing

With test facilities at our manufacturing plant in Italy and in our Head office in Letchworth we are able to test the UPS and demonstrate its functionality.  A complete package including travel and accommodation can be tailored to your specific requirements. We are happy to discuss any additional tests you feel are required, prior to the dispatch and installation of the UPS on your site.


Constant Power Services provide a HealthCheck service for any Riello UPS product, to assess the UPS for inclusion on a maintenance agreement or simply to return it back to a fully operational condition.

You may not have purchased a maintenance agreement at the time of purchasing your UPS so a HealthCheck is a good option to check the installation and running of the UPS.  If you then choose to have a Service Agreement after the HealthCheck, the visit is completely free.

Load Bank Testing

Your business may require a complete system inspection, in which case Constant Power Services can offer site load testing to help identify potential areas for concern, whilst under controlled test conditions.

Our skilled technicians can identify quickly if the UPS is correctly connected and/or capable of supporting a critical load. We can also complete load bank testing as part of a factory witness test.



Project Management

Our dedicated projects team look after the transition period from point of order to site handover. From equipment location, site access, specialist positioning as well as environmental limitations which we carefully plan to suit your project programme and your budget.

Our specialist team has in excess of 30 years, UPS project management experience, which we provide to our customers to ensure that all aspects are considered when purchasing a UPS.

Thermal Imaging

Thermal imaging highlights any anomalies, for example, if one battery is hotter or colder than the others it shows there is a potential problem.

Normally hot spots show a weak battery cell that may still be at the correct voltage, so would never normally be found. Imaging will highlight loose or poor connections, giving you an insight into the running of your system.

Mains Monitoring (Fluke Metering)

Constant Power services are able to provide information on site conditions utilising their metering equipment. This service can be used to: look at specific circuits or equipment, investigate power issues or for monitoring load levels over a duration so that a more informed decision can be made about the size of UPS required.

Constant Power services will issue you with a report based on the logged details and of course we can tailor the report to your requirements.

This report can show the following:

  • Voltage L-N, N-E
  • Current L & N
  • Voltage Harmonics
  • Current Harmonics
  • kW/kVA/p.f Power

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