Witness testing platform

Providing our customers with a genuine level of reassurance before purchasing is very important to us. We understand that you are making a huge commitment, not just financially but in terms of trusting business-critical equipment to cope under any conditions.

That’s why Constant Power Services has poured 30 years of industry experience and know-how into a new training room at our Letchworth HQ that offers a unique proposition; the ability to try UPS systems before you buy.

Our bespoke facility can deliver all kinds of stress testing, meeting the legal requirements of safety checks while also providing genuine peace of mind before progressing to a launch plan.

Covering all the bases

We’ve worked tirelessly to create a platform that recreates the kind of testing conditions that prove our systems can take the strain. In terms of specifications, our witness testing delivers:

  • UPS testing up to 250kVA or 200kVA N+1 parallel up to three UPS
  • Generator testing up to 400kVA with an external load-bank connection rated at 250kW
  • Three types of UPS testing; Overview, Dynamic and Static
  • A specialist power analyser which captures waveforms on screen

Our testing is carried out by three skilled operatives and we can make the project manager available throughout to talk you through the process and answer any questions. Everything has been built towards showcasing how the systems work in a real-time scenario. This is a key step before purchase which we feel is imperative.

Remote testing capabilities

While we would always prefer to show you the capabilities of the system in person, we understand that in the current climate that ideal scenario is not always possible.

Thanks to a combination of screen sharing and wireless technology, we can offer the convenience of watching a range of live testing using Zoom. We use a combination of webcams, headsets and viewing platforms to keep you close to the action, again aiming to provide complete customer confidence that you are purchasing world-class equipment that is built to last.

This approach has been developed as a direct response to the challenges presented by the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic and shows that we committed to helping you make an informed decision from a position of strength. Witness testing proves we are willing to not only talk the talk, but walk the walk too.


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