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When thinking about battery solutions there are varying factors to consider whether at the beginning design stage of your UPS system or after a period of time when the needs and demands of the business has changed.

Increasing UPS capacity:

  • Adding more UPS capacity is due to an increased load demand
    • Businesses grow and this drives the requirement for more UPS capacity, for example, more data storage space is needed, more critical loads are connected to the system and therefore a larger UPS is required.

When thinking about the initial purchase or your UPS, taking expansion and upgrading in to consideration is vital. As there are products which are very adabtable and suited to increase in capacity without causing down time with in your business and some products and UPS that are not so flexible.

  • Modular UPS is the easiest unit type to accommodate that extra load increase
    • Additional power modules can be added to the system for extra power
    • Customer does not have to install the final load capacity on DAY1, which gives them more flexibility and positive impact on their CAPEX
  • Monoblock UPS units would not have the same possibility – they have fixed capacity
    • This unit type would require adding another UPS in parallel or replacing the existing unit with a more powerful one in order to support more load

No matter what the UPS solution is there can always be site-specific limitations that need to be considered before installing any units and we (Constant Power Services) can assist in choosing the right equipment that allow UPS capacity to grow along the business

Increasing Battery autonomy:

This is not something we come across often because at Constant Power Services we take into consideration the customer’s current power requirement within the business and discuss the future plans so as to ensure that the product being purchased will provide the autonomy and coverage required.

  • Autonomy should be known in the early stages of the project
    • What equipment in the system, PC’s, servers and are there back-up generators to provide additional support should there be a power failure.
  • Adding extra blocks or strings to an existing battery solution to get more backup time is generally not recommended
    • Mixing old and new batteries or batteries with different Ah rating is not advised
  • Autonomy increase can take place but would be during a battery replacement
    • Batteries have a life span and should your business require a longer autonomy, a review of the batteries can take place and therefore changed to cover a longer autonomy.

Battery testing and maintenance

When considering how to ensure your power system stays at peak performance, battery testing and maintenance should be among your top priorities.

Time and time again, we’ve seen systems fail to deliver when batteries aren’t consistently checked and replaced. It’s a hugely important component to your back-up power strategy and without due care and attention, a range of issues can prevent a battery from reaching anything near its expected lifespan.

Here at Constant Power Services, we safeguard against those threats and provide you a robust scope of works to avoid these potential pitfalls.

Full battery care

There’s no doubt that carrying out a physical inspection and on-site testing will keep your battery in the best possible condition.

Our testing is all about looking towards the long term, determining exactly how your battery is
performing and ensuring it’s capable of meeting the required standard in the event of a power

A thorough, focused inspection includes a five-step process:


  • Visual check on a variety of conditions that could affect battery life, including leakage or
  • Measurement checks to gauge performance levels
  • Mechanical checks to clean all batteries
  • Electrical checks on the total battery bank
  • Environment checks which look at battery temperature and humidity of surroundings


In short, this robust approach covers all the bases and produces a report which assesses the live performance of your battery. Above and beyond this, we also make recommendations on if and when a replacement is required before it gets to a critical stage. We can also offer a like-for-like swap, fitting and safe removal batteries as part of the service.

Staying ahead of the game

As well as regimented testing, the real skill in battery aftercare is understanding how to look after your batteries properly. This is what will really make a difference to its lifespan.

We’re able to offer expert advice which stops your battery from degrading over time. Our aim is to find issues and solve them before it becomes an issue.

With over 30 years of industry experience, our clients really do come to us for advice on achieving the very best out of their systems.  Our sole purpose is to provide that support and honest advice.

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