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Since the late 80’s Constant Power Services Ltd excelled in providing support to businesses seeking quality uninterruptible power supplies, installation and aftercare. We appreciate the complexities of a specification, the time constraints on finalising a project and understand that it can all change in a second, which is why we are the best support for you.

Constant Power Services offer a range of products from smaller 700VA Uninterruptible Power Supplies to 6.4MVA systems, containerised 252kW units for hire or purchase,  generators and switchgear.  Our turnkey solutions are tailored to your requirements.  Working with our customers requires great communication, respect and ownership of a task, a solution, or in some cases a problem to fix.

This is something Constant Power Services prides itself on and that is why support is integral to our business and communication, respect and ownership for our internal values, as they come so naturally to us. Some of our clients have been with us for over 16 years.


A trusted partner

and solutions provider

Looking for a dependable UPS delivery partner goes beyond the initial supply and installation works.

Your UPS system is about more than just hardware and we understand that. Our team of experts will work with you to make sure your entire power strategy is fit for purpose for your business.

If you are looking for an uninterruptible power supply for a new building, inherited a UPS from a new acquisition or simply wanting to upgrade to a new system so that you can get the service and support you require, Constant Power Services is the Just do certainty company for you.

Some of our products

Constant Power Services are a subsidiary of the Manufacturing group Riello Elettronica and therefore support the Riello product range.  In addition to this we also supply Generators, LV switchgear and our own Multibox rental solutions.


Knowledge is Key From telecommunications, to transportation and medical applications, UPS battery power can keep your business operating during short-term power outages. Choosing the right generator is more than simply selecting a product model or specification, it’s about managing the process to offer you a seamless, personalised customer experience. We pride ourselves on a personal touch that provides a range of benefits beyond the normal level. • Vast industry experience. Our skilled team works with everyone from Local Government departments to sports stadia, universities and the emergency services. That wealth of knowledge puts us in a fantastic position to offer practical, impartial advice. • One-stop shop. We offer a holistic approach to servicing your power supply that takes care of everything in one place. This eliminates the frustration of dealing with multiple suppliers, engineers and cost centres, keeping the entire project accessible and easy to follow. • Class-leading maintenance. We tailor the specification of our generator solutions to each customer. Everything from 24-hour cover to response times within four hours for parts is possible, based on the risk assessment of your site or business. • The Bigger Picture. You’re almost certainly not choosing a generator in isolation, it’s part of a wider sizing and power strategy. This is where our team comes into their own, guiding you through a range of options to make sure the final solution is fit for purpose. Clean, high-performing energy A common misconception is that a generator is only used in case of emergency. It is in fact used to keep your power clean, efficient and performing at a high level. We’re seeing more companies want increased power conditioning capabilities, aiming for purer energy that is more cost efficient. This is an area we can explore as a trusted partner of your business, devising a plan that ensures you’re ready for anything that arises.

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Sentinel Rack

Sentinel Rack (SER) is a rackmount UPS delivering maximum protection to your critical rack servers, telecoms networks, data processing IT systems and security systems. Just plug and play, no complex installation.

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Master HE

Master HE (MHE) combines maximum protection with exceptional efficiency in mission-critical applications such as data centres, electro-medical devices, telecoms networks and security systems. Can operate with or without a neutral connection. 

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